“We are in the middle of a transition in the body of Christ in these days. Many of the old generals of the faith are going to be with the Lord and there is a new generation arising with a new breed of leaders. Brandon Richardson is one of these messengers that God is raising up in these days to sound an alarm, awaken the sleeping church, and rally a generation to radical lifestyles of holiness and love for God. I know this man and am provoked by his hunger for God, and his vision for what God will do with this generation.” – Corey Russell / IHOP-KC 

“Brandon Richardson is on the cutting edge with a fresh sound of heaven that changes the atmosphere. He is a powerful anointed prophetic voice with songs that stir a passion and conviction to seek the face of God. His music is a catalyst in bringing reformation and renewal to your heart and mind. I highly recommend Brandon’s ministry for anyone who is hungry for the presence of God.” -Dr. Che Ahn / HROCK Church, Pasadena, CA 


“It has been such a blessing to meet Brandon and partake of the grace on his life. He is an anointed worship leader and songwriter. He is a jewel just waiting to be discovered. Brandon brings you into the audience of One!” -James Goll / Encounters Network 



“Brandon is a fiery lover and friend of Jesus who captures the heart cry of a generation for authenticity and passion. His songs come from a deep desire for more reality and more Jesus. Brandon will challenge and inspire your own pursuit of the One Who is worthy.” -Charles Stock / Life Center, Harrisburg, PA